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You look for a professional body painting training ?

Roch Bambou maquillant

You may have already received training in beauty makeup high school and regretted that some artistic make-up, Face painting (and body painting) if undeveloped.

Either you are in a completely different field but you just always wanted to try your hand at painting makeup, learn to paint your children, friends or yourself ...

Or you want to improve your skills in the light of work professionally in this field.

Whatever your motivation, you are right!


Training process :

Goal setting, choice of materials and products, development of different techniques of sponge and brush, work of color and line, adaptation volumes and forms, training on various topics.

Two formulas :

- individual training.
Price : 80€/hour

- Group training
Price : 400€ (3 hours Module)


Feel free to contact me for more information.


Fifteen years of professional experience in body paintingand face painting help me to respond to any request.

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