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Which products to use for corporal makeup (body painting facepainting)?

Roch Bambou maquillant

I suggest, and I use mainly color foundation in Fardel or Kiomi because they are especially well suited for body painting and makeup artistry, and have the best rendering. The colors are brighter and very opaque, they are quick and easy to apply with a sponge, brush, airbrush, or directly with finger or even with hand to the body. They apply on bare skin or already cutthroat, but also on the beards and hair and retain all their chips in time. They can be removed very easily with water, they comply with European standards and are not tested on animals. Hypoallergenic, they do not require mattifying powder or protective base. The Fardel and Kiomi products are now what is the best for professionals.
There are other products such as Aquacolors Kryolan, so dry puck on which water is applied but I find them much more dull. There are also oil based products that do not apply well, pull the skin drying and who draw very badly, to avoid!

where to buy good products for artistic makeup and body painting?

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Online (unique sur le web)

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